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Situated between 1,800 m and 2,600 m altitude, the international resort of Montgenèvre offers two linked areas: the Grand Montgenèvre and the Monts de la Lune (Mountains of the Moon). 

The Grand Montgenèvre ski area consists of 95 km of slopes with 78 runs (9 green, 17 blue, 39 red and 13 black) with 24 lifts. Including Grand Montgenèvre, the Monts de la Lune ski area has 110 km of slopes with 91 runs (9 green, 22 blue, 44 red and 16 black) and 31 lifts.

Confirmed and beginner skiers and snowboarders alike will enjoy fun paths: 1 snow park, 1 fun trail, 1 boarder cross, 1 free-ride area and 1 multi-activity area.


The Monts de la Lune estate also offers a link with the Italian part of the Via Lattea (Milky Way). Fifth largest ski area in the world and former Olympic site, the Via Lattea offers in total more than 400 kilometres of skiing slopes. 

The Via Lattea is a winter sports area in the Italian and French Alps, straddling the French-Italian border at Claviere/Montgenèvre. Located only some 70 km west of Turin, the Via Lattea comprises the five Piedmontese resorts of Claviere (1,760 m), Sansicario (1700 m), Sauze d'Oulx (1,509 m), Pragelato (1,524 m) and Sestriere (2,035 m) and the French resort of Montgenèvre (1,860 m). Altogether there are more than 400 km of skiing slopes.


Montgenèvre has unique snow cover and sunshine thanks to the Retour d’Est (Return from the East) and a south-facing orientation. The Retour d’Est is a unique meteorological effect causing heavy snowfalls allowing skiing from the end of November to the end of April.  Its south-facing orientation allows exposure that permits ideal conditions for skiing in full sunshine over a large part of the skiing area.


The oldest ski resort in France, Montgenèvre held the first ever international skiing competition in 1907. It is now recognised for its sporting level, for the quality of the snow, for its orientation and for the length of the skiing season (end of November to end of April).


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Winter activities include downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, slalom, Telemark skiing, snowshoeing, heli-skiing, snowmobiling, sledding and ice skating.



  • BIKE PARK VTT & VTT ENDURO - The Montgenèvre Bike Park covers an area between 2,760 m to 1,860 m altitude and includes 8 permanent downhill tracks, 3 playing areas and 2 free-ride areas. Montgenèvre also has 11 mountain bike/VAE routes, 4 enduros and 11 DH ... It is also an initiation area accessible to beginners, a Pump Track and a Big Air Bag!


  • GOLF INTERNATIONAL DE MONTGENÈVRE - In partnership with the adjoining Italian golf course of Clavière, you have the unique opportunity to play an 18-hole international course across the border (hole no. 7 on the front nine and no. 16 on the back nine) throughout the season (end of May to end of September). The golf course includes 9 long holes, 9 compact holes and a driving range. The combination of the two courses allows you to vary the architectural designs and to play all varieties of shots. 18-hole course TRANSBOUNDARY: Par 68 | 9-hole course NATIONAL: Par 35 | 9-hole course COMPACT: Par 27. 


  • ESPACE TRAIL 3000 MONTGENEVRE - The Espace Trail 3000 is for beginners and experts alike, more than 200 km of hikes on marked trails, to discover and explore heritage and an environment rich in fauna, flora, geology and military history. Today, the resort offers a site dedicated to lovers of the great outdoors, whether it be through sporting activities and surpassing oneself, or simply through the tranquillity of escape hikes on the marked trails. Categorised by levels of difficulty (green, blue, red and black), 12 permanent trails traverse nearly 200 kilometres’ worth of priceless varied natural heritage, mineral or wooded, internationally recognised geological, military and historical remains. 


  • CHILDREN’S PARK - For a modest fee, your children can access a nice playground with cable trampoline, duck fishing (10 ducks caught = 1 gift) and the bouncy castle.


  • GRIMP IN FOREST - HANGING PARK - Equipped with a harness, play Tarzan on the treetops and swing from the liana to the monkey bridge and from the net to the zip line. 


  • CANYON RIVER TRIP - “Explore, Share and Have Fun Safely”, this phrase reflects our state of mind very well! So let yourself be guided and embark on a CANYONING or RAFTING adventure! We offer several levels of activity: Discovery, Sports, Adrenaline and Adventure. 


  • OBJECTIF RAFT - A pioneer of rafting in Montgenèvre, Objectif Raft is a human-sized company, close to its customers, where good humour and proximity are not just concepts! A trio of attentive and professional state-qualified guides who offer you descents on the most beautiful rivers of the Hautes Alpes. 


  • ORIGIN’AIR PARAPENTE - Take advantage of your stay in Montgenèvre to enjoy a paragliding experience and fly, accompanied by your state-qualified instructor. The unforgettable pleasure of discovering the resort through paragliding, Discovery Flight (featherweight), Grand Vol Découverte, Ascent Flight, Paragliding Baptism Prestige Flight or Hiking Flight.


  • MULTI-LEISURE ZONE OF THE MONTGENÈVRE LAKES - Access to the beach and the lakeside is free, so you can quietly let baby play in the sand or bask in the sun yourself. You will enjoy a lot of activities on site, whether on the water (canoe, kayak, single-seater children’s boats, pedal boats, stand-up paddle boards) or on land (children’s games with a small slide, double trampolines, city stadium, beach volleyball and beach soccer fields).

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